What is Crozi?

Crozi is a mobile platform for sharing and discovering real life experiences in the form of storytelling on the go. You just need a bunch of photos or videos, and a few words about them, to share your story.

Crozi is what we built when we started thinking about ways in which we could bring back the art of sharing original content, content that means, conveys empathy, may inspire and encourage to do something different

Why Crozi?

Because “A picture is NOT worth a thousand words, but a bunch of pictures with a small story is.”

In the era when nobody can live without social media, it has been observed that 75 to 85% content intake on an average by an individual is either sponsored, posts by non-human entities or selfies. The real essence of socializing with humans is lost somewhere.

Crozi sprouted with an observance about how doing something new in our regular lives brightens us up. Sharing these, further encourages and inspires others too.

Every small learning is an achievement, an experience of a lifetime and a story worth telling. Crozi helps spread this and bring happiness.

Can I write my story on a website?

Not right now. The purpose of designing Crozi was to enable storytelling on the go, that is, it should be a quick and easy approach. Writing a blog takes special planning, time and environment which is more convenient on a PC whereas storytelling on Crozi is all about sharing your experiences in small pieces, powered by a simple mobile app.

However, we do have a read-only web version of the stories. Though story composition and other forms of interaction will be accessible in the app only.

Why another social sharing platform?

Social platforms have played a huge role in enabling the world to voice their opinion and to stay connected. But it has been clearly reflected that in the rush of staying connected, human to human connections are diminishing. When given a chance of voicing ourselves, we are busy in voicing out the trivial details of our lives or re-sharing posts which are not our own opinion. Essentially, our voice is lost somewhere. Hence here comes Crozi, where you speak what you really experience.

What kind of stories should I share?

Crozi is all about voicing your experiences & opinions, so you can write any story based on these. However, we have a list of interesting categories which you may consider while writing a story.

So the next time you happen to bake a cake or go on a desert safari, share your story, we’d love to read them.

What not?

Re-shared stories, status updates, copied stories, hate stories, stories that are abusive or hurt someone. Crozi is all about sharing real experiences in the form of stories that are original, unique and has a feel of newness.

Why should I share stories?

Storytelling is one of the oldest art known to humans. Stories played a very important part in the evolution of humankind. The means of storytelling has evolved but stories will never cease to exist.

Stories inspire us, encourage us, teach us and often lead us to ideation and invention. You never know how your story may inspire or enable someone to do something path breaking.

It is aptly said, “We cannot create a world we can’t imagine and stories are the engines of our imagination.”

How do I get access?

Currently, our Android app is in private beta. We would be available in public beta very soon. We would be launching the iOS app sometime later.

Click here to get early access. Invites are limited to the first 500 subscribers only, so hustle up.