Rediscover Storytelling.

Storytelling is one of the ancient forms of communication. Stories convey values, learnings, empathy, creativity and much more. The means of storytelling have evolved over time, making the existence of stories even stronger. Stories are already a part of our routine life, it's time we start sharing them…

Crozi aims to bring out the storyteller in you and change the way stories are told. Crozi is a platform for sharing real life experiences in the form stories, rediscovering the way of storytelling in the Digital Age.

Happy Storytelling!


Create Beautiful Stories

Going on an adventurous trek next week? OR
Just finished with the final touchups on your artwork?

Grab some photos or videos and let the world know. The ingredients of a good story are just a good mix of photos, videos and a few words of wisdom.

It's so easy! Create stories on the go…
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Discover the Unknown

Everybody has a different story to tell.
Follow topics & people that interest you the most.

You can filter stories based on categories, set your preferences & follow amazing storytellers.

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Storytelling is an act of sharing experience, something which may inspire, encourage and create a change.

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